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What We Offer

Our modern-day lifestyles can be experienced as complicated and complex. Living with a mental health condition often creates additional complication to our already complicated life. The expectations of people around us to get well – however well intentioned – are often the source of intense unhappiness and unrelenting pressure.

We offer on site supervision with regards to medication management, participation in the daily program and household chores. Living at The Bell House is voluntary and independence is encouraged, The Bell House cannot be held responsible for a Resident should they leave the premises.

We offer a Life Skills training program that runs Monday to Friday mornings. We have activities in the afternoon that include, arts and crafts, diamond art, fabric painting, hand sewing, knitting, gardening, mosaic workshop, baking, exercises, volunteering opportunities, on-line studies and horse therapy interaction that takes place twice a year.

Arts and Crafts
Volunteering at soup kitchen

Pottery workshop

Earth Centre – horse therapy
Earth Centre – horse therapy

Earth Centre – horse therapy
Weekly baking
Fabric painting workshop

Having fun creating