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The Bell House is a Private Mental Health Facility. We are referred to as a psychiatric facility, mental health facility, residential facility or group home.

We support adults who are in need of structure with regards to medication compliance and a routine that includes life skills training, therapeutic activities and a daily household routine. Our aim is to create an environment where our clients can live a joyful and purpose driven life.

Our clients live with burnout, trauma, stress and or mental health conditions including but not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar mood disorder and Schizophrenia.   

The Bell House was established to provide a rehabilitative and caring environment for people who were previously left with no option but to live in a mental institution or in a psychiatric hospital.

Many people suffering from mental health conditions have either isolated themselves or withdrawn from their families and friends. They no longer participate in their family structures, the work place and/or their communities.

Mental Health is diverse and often families are unable to support a loved one while they deal with their illness and as they are not trained in this field, this is understandable.

The Bell House offers a comprehensive Life Skills Training Program that is designed to up-skill our clients to improve their self awareness, emotional regulation and develop skills in order to improve their participation in their daily lives. Our program focuses on improving relationships, participating in community projects and where possible find meaning and purpose.

Our comprehensive Life Skills Training Program includes workshops, activities, outings and individual and group coaching. Participation in our Life Skills Training Program supports our clients in gaining insight and self awareness.

Daily Participation

All Residents are required to participate in the daily running of the home. This includes basic household chores, meal preparation, gardening and general maintenance. As part of our time management module a weekly schedule of duties is updated and duties are allocated weekly.

Residents are required to keep their personal living areas neat and tidy and wash their own laundry and bedding. It is a prerequisite that all Residents maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.


The Bell House is a sober house. We have zero tolerance towards drug and alcohol use. We have a partnership with our local security company and any client and/or visitor who is found to be under the influence will be escorted off the premises and may face prosecution.

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards non-compliance of taking medication as prescribed by relevant doctor/psychiatrist.

We have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to the breach of The Bell House Rules and Regulations.