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Admission Criteria

We support adults with psychiatric disorders such as Bi Polar Mood disorder and Schizophrenia. Preference is given to adults over the age of 40 and who meet the following criteria:

Under the care of a Psychiatrist, emotional stable and compliant in taking their psychiatric medication. All medication is strictly managed and monitored.

Physically healthy and relatively fit and are able to look after their own personal hygiene with minimal support.

Sober – we are a drug and alcohol free residence with zero tolerance policy.

Applicants who will benefit from living in a structured environment that includes Life Skills training, group therapy and regular activities.

Applicants who are willing to live in an environment where they participate in the daily program such as doing their own laundry, meal preparation, washing dishes, gardening and basic household chores.

Applicants who within one year will be willing to participate in community based projects as a volunteer, study on line or if possible enter the world of work.